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Carved Green Howlite Death's-Head Bead 18x15mm x1

Item : 10230

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Package quantity : 1 piece

Carved Green Dyed Death Head Howlite Beads

Non contractual photo

Hole size : 1.5 mm

Each stone is unique and may have significant differences with the photo

Howlite is a calcium silicoborate that is naturally white, often with a dark gray or black spider-web matrix. Howlite is commonly dyed to imitate turquoise and lapis lazuli. Howlite is named after mineralogist Henry How, who first discovered the gemstone in Nova Scotia during the 19th century. Howlite is the stone of memory, knowledge and progress, and is said to encourage reasoning, observation, discernment, patience and tact. It also is believed to eliminate pain, stress and anger, and help balance calcium levels in the body, aiding absorption and distribution. North America is the world's primary source of howlite. We strive to give you the most honest descriptions of our gemstones.


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Sent to Metropolitan France and Corsica

Additional informations
Form -
Size 18mm
Material gemstone
Color green
Galvanization -
Quantity 1
Manufacturer -

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