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Glass Pendant Circle Transparent x1

Item : 10472

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Package quantity : 1 piece

Beautiful! Crystal Clear Glass Tiles Flat Back - Non-magnifying

The hard work is done for you, these glass tiles are perfectly smooth, with softly rounded edges. Use photos, word collages, interesting patterns, drawings, fabric - just about anything flat and thin. Make sure to cut the size precisely. Trying to trim once the tile is glued down can get messy and leave rough edges. We recommend Diamond Glaze for a clear, glassy seal. Paint a thin layer of Hasulith on back of tile and slowly place your design on surface. Check for bubbles or spots that don't come in contact with the Glaze and press gently to smooth it. Allow pendant to dry completely at this stage. For a nice finish to your piece, choose an opaque, solid colored paper. Make sure it won't show through your original design, (unless you want it to!) Brush on more Diamond Glaze, making sure to coat entire surface, and apply your backing. Allow plenty of drying time. Finally, use E-6000 glue to affix a specially designed Aanraku bail to the back. Once dry, it will be ready to hang on the chain or cord of your choice.


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Sent to Metropolitan France and Corsica

Additional informations
Form cabochon
Size 35mm
Material glass
Color crystal
Galvanization -
Quantity 1

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