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Soft Flex Wire .014 DIA.30FT 21 Strand Copper x 1

Item : 5992

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Package quantity : 1 piece

Soft Flex The Best Beading Wire You Can Buy! Nylon Coated 21 Strand Miniature Wire Cable
Tickness : 0.014 in = 0.36 cm

Lenght : : 30 ft = 9.14 meters

Part of the METALLICS color family of Soft Flex. This wire has more body than string or cord, and more flexibility than regular 3-strand beading wire. It has an unbelievably soft drape, and a very high resistance to kinking and getting permanent 'creases', unlike the less expensive wires. This is the wire used by professionals! This wire is a miniature cable made up of twenty-one strands of wire, and coated with nylon for a smooth finish. Use this FINE weight of Soft Flex beading wire for stringing necklaces with lightweight and non-abrasive beads, such as pearls and small glass beads. Finish with crimp beads.


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Sent to Metropolitan France and Corsica

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Color copper
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