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About us

About us

Created by Jean-Jacques Miette in 1992 Matière Première began selling a vast assortment of beads early in its existence as the name suggests, to the distribution of beads of all kinds and provenances for the public to make their own creations.

Quickly the need to work the metal is felt and the first born and jewelry collections under the brand Matière Première.

Following the participation in major trade fairs, the brand is developing in France with the creation of a store in the Marais and "lot of corner" in the Parisian department stores. The style also met with some success abroad, especially in the US where large chain stores have spread products Matière Première.

For the sake of independence and increased creativity, the company team in 1996 of a foundry that allows it to be more efficient and thus control almost all of the manufacturing process.

Furthermore, collaboration with master glassmakers now opens enormous creative possibilities pearl to almost unlimited patterns and colors, which are widely used in the latest collections.

Our Parisian store has been permanently closed since March 20, 2023.
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