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Preciosa Maxima Crystals Flatback Rhinestones SS16 4mm Crystal DF x50

Item : 18273

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Package 50 pieces

SS16 sizes 3.80 – 4.00 mm

The Maxima crystals are the latest most advanced rhinestones from Preciosa delivering unparalleled lead-free* brilliance.

These upscale state-of-the-art components use the most advanced crystal technologies to create a unique combination of sparkling material and dazzling patented cut.

The Maxima patented faultless precision machine cut (15 to 18 facets) crystals feature perfect geometry. They are optimized to allow maximum dispersion of light. With a unique combination of larger and smaller facets, reflecting 264 unique rays of light, the Maxima crystals create beautiful shimmering effects – the highest available on the market.

We recommend UHU Max Repair Extreme (for hard surfaces) or GS Hypo Fabric Cement (super fine applicator) as adhesive. NEVER use super glue, hot glue or epoxy.

Made in CZECH


Attention :

These items are sold sealed in their original Preciosa packaging.
Open pouches will not be returned or exchanged.

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Revendeur Agréé Preciosa ®


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Sent to Metropolitan France and Corsica

Additional informations
Form cabochon
Size 3mm
Material crystal
Color crystal
Galvanization -
Quantity 1440

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