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8mm Czech Fire Polish Faceted Round Beads Crystal Opal Blue x12

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Package quantity : 12 pieces

In Czech Fire Polished beads, the shape called "Round" Fire Polished beads are glass beads that are faceted by machine. The edges and surface are then given a softer, polished look by placing the beads in hot ovens or over open flames. By virtue of this process, Fire Polished beads are all slightly different from each other; this adds to their charm. Fire Polished beads contain no lead. It is the heat polishing process that gives them their soft glow and brilliance. Colors may vary from dye lot to dye lot, so it is best to buy sufficient beads for your project all at one time.
Hole diameter : 1 mm
Made in Czech


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Sent to Metropolitan France and Corsica

Additional informations
Form round
Size 8mm
Material glass
Color purple, gray, bronze
Galvanization -
Quantity 12

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